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September 6, 2011

September 6, 2011

First day back after the long weekend. The students had their first French class this morning with the new french teacher, Elle Chernick. They seemed to really like her, which is a relief as some of the students don't like change too much.

Grade 2 math we created extended movement patterns. I must say that this has been my happiest teaching experience so far. All of the students were so engaged and created these awesome movement routines to the Lazy Song, and then they wrote them down and performed them. They were amazing and I was SO proud! That is true learning right there!

Th students in my class are now done their literacy assessments so I was able to go in on the long weekend and pick out levelled books (according to their reading level) for their book boxes. Each student now has 10 books in their book boxes that I hand picked according to their reading level.

During literacy time today we talked about what "Read to Self" looked like and had some of the Grade twos demonstrate it for the Grade ones. We also talked about reading stamina - what it means and why it's important. Then we did a read to self for 10 mintues and they worked on their reading stamina. Over time, we will increase this by two minute intervals until they hit 20 minutes.

September 1 and 2, 2011

August 31, 2011


- Grade 1s and 2s started their math classes. I teach the Grade 2 math and we began talking about patterns, which is our first unit of the semester. We created number stories and found patters around the room.

- We did a review of finger phonics and since some of the students are new to it, I took a group aside to start with the basics. They learn so quickly!

- Many of the Grade 1s are reading already and because they have not been formally assessed for their reading levels yet, they have not received any books in their book boxes. I took students aside one by one and we choose some levelled reading books of mine to go in their book boxes.

- The Grade 2s did their first journal entry "This summer I..."

- 2 indoor recesses because of the rain

- They had their first arts ed class with Mrs. McGillvary, the new Vice Prinicipal

Great day!

Handout List

The following is a list of all the hand outs sent home with students. I make sure each student has received the handouts and tell the students that they must be responsible to get them from their mail pocket to the hands of their caregivers. Each day I make sure the students' mail pockets are empty, but students can misplace them, so please let me know if you have missed any or require any more information about them.

Student Hand Out List

Release Form - August 30, 2011: Filled out and signed

Aquatic Program - August 31, 2011: Filled out and signed + $10

Blog Address, August 31, 2011: Information

Welcome Letter to Parents/Caregivers, August 31, 2011: Information

Emergency Report: September 1, 2011: Sign and Date

Open House Invitation, September 2, 2011: Information


Welcome! Tansi!

On this webpage you will find up to date blogs about what our class is currently working on.

You will also find all the documents that I have created and sent home with the students, in the event that they've been misplaced.

I will not be adding documents that have been provided by the office to be sent home.

I will be keeping in touch through email about comments, concerns or compliments, check your email regularly if you have one.

My email is, so be sure to email me with any questions or comments.

Let the school year begin!

Miss YeeSmile

Monday, January 10, 2011

Monday, Monday... And today, we will begin working on our performance for the Assembly at the end of January.  We will be performing Michael Jackson's Man In the Mirror using sign language.  The video is the chorus to the song.  Please use this video to practice...

Happy New Year!

It has been a while...I am so sorry.  I haven't heard any complaints so I am not certain that anyone has missed my daily updates.  I need to keep it up-to-date so everyone is more apt to check it out!  This is my goal!

Today is Day 2!  And, as promised, we will be working on some brain fitness and having some fun too.


Remembrance Day Poll

Friday, October 15th, 2010

It has been a while...First, I want to thank my students for the lovely "Get Well" Card for my dad!  This was truly a kind gesture and my dad loved the card and thought that I had a very caring class of students.  I think that he is right!

Please take note:

  • Grade 6 students need to remember that we have a Math test coming up on Tuesday.  Be certain to study!
  • McDermid Community School will be celebrating Education Week next week.
  • Immunization forms for Grade 6 and Grade 8 Students have been given to students.  Please be certain that you have recieved your's and return to the school as soon as possible.
  • Hot Dog Sale on Friday, October 22nd.
  • Fun Friday, October 22nd.
  • School Picture Order Forms have also been given to students.  Please be certain that you have recieved your's and return to the school as soon as possible.


1 Point Perspective Art

Students from room 13 are working on perspective art. They began with 1 point perspective art and soon you will see 2 point perspective work.

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