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Friday, October 15th, 2010

It has been a while...First, I want to thank my students for the lovely "Get Well" Card for my dad!  This was truly a kind gesture and my dad loved the card and thought that I had a very caring class of students.  I think that he is right!

Please take note:

  • Grade 6 students need to remember that we have a Math test coming up on Tuesday.  Be certain to study!
  • McDermid Community School will be celebrating Education Week next week.
  • Immunization forms for Grade 6 and Grade 8 Students have been given to students.  Please be certain that you have recieved your's and return to the school as soon as possible.
  • Hot Dog Sale on Friday, October 22nd.
  • Fun Friday, October 22nd.
  • School Picture Order Forms have also been given to students.  Please be certain that you have recieved your's and return to the school as soon as possible.


1 Point Perspective Art

Students from room 13 are working on perspective art. They began with 1 point perspective art and soon you will see 2 point perspective work.

Thursday, September 30th, 2010

Student Assembly was held yesterday.  Congratulations to all of our students who were recognized for demonstrating Honour, Respect and Responsibility.  Quick reminder,  Monday, October 4th is PICTURE DAY!  I will need to remember to comb my hair.

LEARNING WALL ACTIVITY SHEETS...please consider these to be homework!  We have a number of students that are falling behind in their work.  Please use your time wisely!

Friday, September 17, 2010

School Pictures are COMING UP!

Students need to remember the first set of Learning Wall Activity Sheets have been assigned and more are to come!  To date, we have introduced the following activities:

  1. Canada Political Regions
  2. Colour Personality
  3. Water Cycle
  4. Water Cylce II
  5. Friendship Wordsearch
  6. Role in RAFTS
  7. This is your LIFE
  8. Honesty

A new set will be revealed on Tuesday...If you are missing the any from the first set, there are attached to my blog.  We need to keep ahead on these assignments...



Monday, September 13, 2010

Today, we started our first Inquiry Unit.  The essential question, which students will explore, "How do we relate with in a community?".  Students will begin this unit by exploring question from a number of different perspectives.  We started today with the science perspective and are learning about the water cycle and our relationship with this cycle.  Students will be introduced to Activity Sheets.

There is a Math test coming up for Grade 6 students in my classroom.  This test will be on Thursday.  We will be demonstrating our understanding on the names of angles and how to measure them using a protractor.

And finally, Volleyball and Cross Country season have started this weekend.

Wednesday, September 8th, 2010


The open house begins at 5:30 p.m.  Be certain to stop by Mr. Urban's Room to introduce yourself, ask questions, check things out, etc.!!

Students are working through learning the procedures for Inquiry Learning.  With Inquiry Learning, 25% of their overall mark includes Learning Wall Activities.  These activities are often intended to offer students some independence while pre-teaching vocabulary and other skills.  I am attaching the activities that have been introduced to students to help get the school year started!  The final day for these activity sheet is Friday!  Then, we will begin our first unit of study on Monday.

The activity sheets that have been attached are:

  1. Dependability
  2. Expectations
  3. How I Feel About Rules
  4. Making School a Better Place
  5. Student Responsibilities
  6. People I Trust
  7. Things I Worry About
  8. What My Teacher Thinks
  9. Welcome Back
  10. When Does School Start

Also attached is our School Newsletter and the handout from tonight's Open House.



Tuesday, September 7th, 2010

I hope everyone enjoyed their long weekend and thanks to all those have returned their school forms and agenda fees!  Only a few things to note today, tomorrow is start to our Reading Assessments (RAD) and our school's Open House/BBQ begins at 5:30 p.m. on Wednesday.

Oh yes!  Our classroom's big prize winners from last week are Mackenzie, Tre, Shawn and Daussen.

Wednesday, September 1st, 2010

New student today!  Let's welcome her to our school and community.  Speaking of "being welcome", let us always keep in mind our school's core values of "Honor, Respect, Responsibility".

Students were introduced to their Math groups today.  As well, Core French with Ms. Eberl, Physed with Ms. Kessler and Music with Ms. Ausmus.

Have a good night!  Remember to bring your school forms tomorrow!

Tuesday, August 31st, 2010

As we speak, 23 students are part of Room 12.  We expect more will be arriving by the time we  are done!  We have a good group...and i encourage them to encourage and treat each other well!

Students have been given an opportunty to apply for certain opportunities within the classroom.  These applications are due on Friday.  Two notices have gone home.  The first notice is regarding agendas.  The second notice is regarding McDermid's Open House on Wednesday, September 8th.  Please be certain to take note of this information.

Tomorrow is Day 3, and student's will begin attending their Math classes.  Ms. Reid will teach Grade 5, Mr. Urban (Grade 6), Ms. Kessler (Grade 7) and Ms. Stadnyk (Grade 8).


Monday, August 30th, 2010 -- First Day of School

It was a great day!   I was so happy to see the kids' faces.  Today, students recieved many pieces of information.  Please be certain to check with your child for a Release Form, a Lunch Room Registration Form and a letter detailing internet/computer use.  If you have not yet recieve this information, these documents may be downloaded here.  Students also recieved information about additional Accident Insurance information.

Students have recieved a school agenda.  Students will use their agenda at school and they are encourage to share them at home; however, they will not recieve daily checks.  Students are asked to bring $2.50 to cover the cost of these agendas.

Today's Assignments...Hot/Cold Art Project and an Agenda Scavenger.  These are both due Friday.  Students will be given opportunities during to class to complete these assignments and do not necessarily need to be completed at home.

Also, a small note,...there is school all this week but no school on Monday.  It is Labour Day!  I hope we get one last taste of summer.

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