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Student/Parent Agreement

Regina Public Schools
Student/Parent Lunch Room Program Agreement
1600 4th Avenue
Regina, Saskatchewan
S4R 8C8
(306) 523-3000

Our school community is united by four shared values statements, I belong; I want to know; I am responsible; and I respect. These values give direction to what we teach and learn both inside and outside the classroom. Students are expected to model these values as they partake in the Regina Public Schools Lunch Room Program. In return, children will be provided with a positive and safe environment where they can eat lunch each day.

Student Agreement:

  • I will show respect and courtesy to the supervisors and other students in the Lunch Room Program.
  • I will respect school property and help to clean up following lunch.
  • I will not leave the lunch room without the supervisor’s permission.
  • In the lunch room I will keep my voice at a reasonable level.
  • I will remain seated while eating.
  • When it is time to go outside, I will return my lunch bag outside of my classroom, use the washroom (if needed) and go directly outside.
  • If I do not follow these guidelines, my parents/guardians will be notified and I may lose lunch room privileges.


Student Signature: _______________________________________________________


Parent Agreement

  • I have discussed the Regina Public Schools Student Agreement with my child.
  • I have completed the Lunch Room Registration Form.
  • If my child will not be attending the lunch room on any given day, I will provide WRITTEN NOTIFICATION to the school. A student message or phone call will not be acceptable.
  • I will provide a nutritious lunch and utensils for my child each day. Items containing NUTS, pop, chips, gum, candy and other junk food are not allowed.
  • I agree that if my child does not follow the lunch room guidelines I will be responsible for providing alternate arrangements.


Parent/Guardian Signature: ________________________________________________________


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