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School Community Council (SCC)



Welcome to McDermid Community School – School Community Council


McDermid Community School – School Community Council (SCC) meets approximately 6 times a year to discuss and plan upcoming events, fundraising, approve special funding, and receive updates from the Principal.


SCCs are established to:

o     - Facilitate continuing communication and promote mutual understanding between school and the community

o     - Share responsibility for the learning success and the well-being of students

o     - Encourage and facilitate parent and community engagement in school planning and improvement processes

o     - Provide an ongoing organization that will help listen to and communicate the opinions, concerns and proposals of the electors and parents/guardians

o     - Ensure these concerns and proposals are brought to the attention of the Board of Education



Future meeting dates (subject to change):

meetings are 3rd Wednesday of the month at 7:00 pm in the library


Our next meeting is: Wednesday, January 18th


Elected Members for (2016-2017)

Chairperson: Rhonda Dimen (1 year)

Vice-Chairperson: Janelle Cyr (2 year)

Treasurer: Rhonda Parisian (1 year)

Secretary: Amanda Waugh (2 year)

Charlene Eashappie (2 year)

Amy Saworski (1 year)

Lisa Wilson (2 year)

Victor Thakurdeen (2 year)

Allysa Racette (2 year)


Appointed Members

Karey Harris Principal (Kim Engel Vice-Principal as designate)

Shared Appointments - Staff Rep