April Newsletter and Grandfather Teaching of the Month

Our April newsletter is available for viewing. Paper copies were included in the remote learning packages sent out on April 13th. Click Here for an electronic copy of the newsletter.


Our Grandfather Teaching of the month is Truth.

Truth is one of the Grandfather Teachings, represented by the TURTLE. To know truth is to know and understand all of the original laws as given by the Creator- and to remain faithful to them.

Truth is symbolic of law and principle. The turtle has been chosen to be the bearer of truth and the basic truth of the laws of nature have not changed. The turtle has been able to adapt to change without changing; thus he represents truth. He also represents time. The 13 big plates represent the 13 moons in  a year. Year-round we need to remain true to ourselves and follow the Grandfather Teachings in everything we do: even as you grow and change you remember what is important and live that way.

The Royal Saskatchewan Museum has done a lovely job creating videos to help us learn about the Grandfather Teachings. Watch Elder Hazel Dixon explain Truth, which is represented by the Turtle. Click Here to access the video.